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Book Reviews for On Site Methods for Site-Specific Performance Creation

Wendy Perron included On Site as part of her NOTABLE DANCE BOOKS OF 2022.  She commissioned several dance writers to supplement her own reviews and selected Ann Murphy to review On Site. You can read all of the reviews, which include books by famous writers and artists on a variety of topics, at this link (in addition to exploring the rest of Wendy's wonderful website:

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If you wish to read Ann Murphy's original review sent to Wendy Perron before it was edited (for length) as part of  Notable Dance Books of 2022, click below:

It is included here with Ann Murphy's permission.

Dance Teacher Jill Randall review 2022 Was a Banner Year for Books. Get These Titles on Yo
Jill Randall, writing for Dance Teacher in an article titled: 

2022 Was a Banner Year for Books. Get These Titles on Your Shelf!

"Choreographer Stephan Koplowitz offers On Site: Methods for Site-Specific Performance Creation as the definitive new textbook on site-based work. He meticulously covers the logistics and artistic mindset neededfor site-specific projects. Koplowitz lovingly shares his process from decades in the field, including staging large-scale site-specific works around the globe."
(December, 2022)

In August, 2022, dance artist/writer Jonathan and choreographer Leah Stein reviewed On Site via a conversation between themselves that was published in: 


Upping the ante on dance coverage and conversation

Koplowitz’s On Site: A Book Review and Conversation

by Jonathan Stein and Leah Stein


On Site (book jacket quotations)

“From an acclaimed master comes a complete guide for how to create a site-specific work. Offering both practical and philosophical advice, Koplowitz captures the excitement and challenge of choreographing outside the proscenium frame. He includes a spectrum of voices of today’s diverse dance artists who have immersed themselves in this type of adventure. More than a manual, this book will deepen one’s relationship to the environment and expand one’s relationship to art-making.”—Wendy Perron,

author of The Grand Union: Accidental Anarchists of Downtown Dance, 1970-–1976

“Over his three decades-plus of creating memorable site dances, Koplowitz has meticulously accounted for all the contingencies you could think of and many you couldn’t – including touchy subjects like negotiating fees, photo and video rights, salaries, raising extra funds to cover shortfalls – all with practical information, gleaned from his experience and from that of other artists who have explored the site genre. With almost uncanny insight, Koplowitz considers everything, foreseen and unforeseen, that might conspire to foil your best-laid plans.”

Gus Solomons Jr.

Dancer, Choreographer, Writer

“A lively, engaging book that draws us into the inspiration and power of site-based performance while breaking down the steps on how to make it happen safely and successfully. Koplowitz traces his decades of remarkable work, while also highlighting the stories of innovative artists who share their own discoveries and challenges. As we all consider where performance can and should happen, this is an essential read.”

Pamela Tatge

Executive and Artistic Director, Jacob's Pillow

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