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(For-Profit/Corporate and Non-Profit)

Stephan Koplowitz’s work in producing and directing large scale events for the past thirty years gives him a unique perspective and skill set for corporate/commercial settings and needs. He has been hired to create events tied to the opening of new buildings and to commemorate anniversaries, created special performances for major fundraising events, and consulted with corporate event companies.


Stephan Koplowitz can be hired to direct/conceive aspects of an artistic and production plan. Working in collaboration with other producers, institutions (corporate and non-profit) to devise the proper concepts to support the aims of the institution and to create whatever type of performance or media required and desired.

The following works are examples of Stephan Koplowitz being hired to engage a specific audience and support specific goals for an institution or company:

Natural History Museum/Production Elements (Los Angeles)

Served a creative consultant for the event company Production Elements (Los Angeles) who were hired to produce the fundraising event marking the 100 th anniversary of the Natural History Museum in LA. I served as the creative consultant that conceived to the key media and performance elements for the event, culminating in the reveal of the new Otis Booth Pavilion.

Department of Dance, Ohio State University: Sullivant’s Travels

Stephan Koplowitz was engaged to create an event that would commemorate and invite the greater public to the re-opening of Sullivant Hall which housed media and dance departments and had been given a $20 million renovation. The event, titled “Sullivant’s Travels” attracted record crowds and began with a ribbon cutting ceremony administered by the President and key members of The Ohio State University.

Sullivant’s Travels was named one of the top ten events of 2014 by local press. (link)

Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN: Our Place, In Place

The college, celebrating its 150 th anniversary, hired Stephan Koplowitz to create a series of events that would mark the occasion and engage it’s community in reflection and celebration. . The event, Our Place, In Place generated strong publicity and was called “one of the finest performances seen on campus in recent history” by then President Jack Ohle.

City of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Downtown Partnership: Light Lines

Engaged Stephan Koplowitz to create a performance event that would both help celebrate the opening of their Waterfront park and specifically, the new public access pier with special lighting (“Luminous Light Masts”) designed by James Carpenter. Light Lines, created by Koplowitz was both a film (highlighting the historic bridges of Chattanooga) and a performance event featuring 50 local dancers. The work generated publicity (print and television) and was seen by several thousand people over two days.

The New York Public Library: (In)Formations

The Board of Directors at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, wanted to an event to invite VIP’s, donors and the general public to celebrate re-opening and transformation of the Library. Stephan Koplowitz was asked to make a presentation to the Board which was lead by famed Broadway director and producer Hal Prince. Koplowitz’s proposal was accepted and resulted a work titled: (In)Formations. The work involved 30 performers and an array of sound installations located throughout the building, allowing for an immersive experience for the public to explore.

The Asphalt Green Aqua and Fitness Center: Aquacade for Asphalt Green

A performance for Asphalt Green&'s Fifth Annual Big Swim Aqua Show. This performance supplemented a major fundraising event with entertainment, creating goodwill and inspiring future donors. Corporate sponsor Speedo was highlighted within the production. More than $300,000 was raised for the Asphalt Green Waterproofing program which teaches inner city youth how to swim.

The British Library and the Dance Umbrella Festival: Babel Index

The British Library, one of the oldest and largest libraries in the world, had just moved into a controversial new building. The library wished to foster a positive image, show off the design and interior public spaces to the general public, and create goodwill with new and old constituencies. The even was covered by every major newspaper in London as well as several BBC radio stations and received numerous positive reviews, while the Dance Umbrella Festival enjoyed a higher media profile.


Once conceptual, thematic ideas are formulated, Koplowitz can continue to design the event and begin the process of producing, making the project a reality: budgeting, staffing, auditioning, securing permits.

A few examples:

Rice University and the School of Humanities: Open Book/Open House

 A precedent setting inaugural event for the opening of the humanities building at Rice University designed to draw attention to the new building and attract future donors. The event was covered by the Houston Chronicle and local television stations. The event set a new standard for inaugural events on the campus.


Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and MTA Metro-North Railroad: Grand Central Terminal: Fenestrations2

A site-specific performance highlighting the multi-million- dollar renovation of Grand Central Terminal. The goals were to increase non-commuter traffic to the terminal, increase awareness of new high-end retail tenants, and create positive attention in the media. The MTA estimates 60,000 people saw both rehearsals and performance, and retail sales were significantly higher during this time period. Press coverage included two articles in the New York Times, an article in the Village Voice, television coverage by CNN and and the WNET national show EGG-the arts show.


Hudson River Museum: Off the Walls

A site-specific performance designed to increase awareness of the Hudson River Museum, involve members of the immediate community, increase the number of museum attendees, and create goodwill with current and new donors through a special event. Museum attendance during the event increased by 1,000%.


Stephan Koplowitz’s long history of working with media and interactive designs/processes has resulted in several performance works and media projects that provide audiences with unique experiences, altering one’s perception of space and media.

Two examples:

The Ohio State University and Dance Camera West: Learn, Capture, Repeat

This is an interactive media performance work, which premiered at The Ohio State University and was presented by the 2016 Dance Camera West Film Festival at Royce Hall at UCLA. The festival engaged this media work in order to engage their audiences in a new way, and giving them an interactive experience.

The Center for New Arts and Media, Salt Lake City Community College: Light Camera Action

Along with architects KBAS, won a public art design competition to install a permanent media art installation of three camera obscuras which are linked to HD video at The Center for New Arts and Media. The work allows for all visitors to the campus interact with the cameras.

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