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Given Stephan Koplowitz’s wide range of interests and experiences in the above areas, he is prepared to consult on a variety of topics and help institutions, teams, companies and individuals solve problems touching on creative, production, administrative, educational and multi-arts issues and concerns.

The following list of topics are areas that he is ready and capable to discuss and consult on, to individuals or groups:


1. University level, College, Graduate School dance program administration/management and design and teaching.

2. K-12 curricular consultant, program development and teaching.

3. Arts and educational technology- incorporating different forms of technology into the curriculum.

4. Online course creation, Massive Online Open Course creation (MOOC) for content and technical production.


For Non-Profits and Individual Artists

Dance Dramaturgy - Stephan Koplowitz was recently hired to work with the Diavolo Art + Architecture company (Jacques Heim) as the dramaturg for their newest production, Passengers, currently touring the United States.


Concert production

Site-event production

Event planning

Community development


Strategic Planning


Feedback on creative work

Artistic career design

Community development

Site work

Event planning


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