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Given Stephan Koplowitz’s training and experience in music, dance and media and his long career in arts education that spans K-12 through the BA-BFA- MFA levels, he is uniquely qualified to offer a wide range of lectures, workshops, master classes that span different age levels and artistic disciplines.


Stephan Koplowitz is prepared to teach or lead discussions in the following areas of K-12 education:

Pedagogy for Creative Movement, K-12 teaching methods - A course on developing strategies for teaching students from the Pre-K to 12

Dance/Arts Curriculum and Program Design

Dance Class/course creation for different grade levels

Class plans for different grade levels - creating age appropriate teaching material,

Integrating dance/creative movement with other academic subject matter

School concert production for high school students

Creating performance events for elementary school students

Teaching with technology - Looking at ways digital technology can initiate creative work in the classroom and studio and enhance student involvement in the creative process 

Educational Philosophy - developing an educational philosophy statement 

A list of lecture/course topics for Higher Ed can also be adapted for High School and Middle School students.

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