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Stephan Koplowitz is a producer of large and small scale works for the stage, specific

sites/locations and the creator of events. His work has been seen in countries around the world and throughout the United States. He is able to collaborate with clients on every aspect of a project and can collaborate with clients on all stages of a commissioned work, project or event.

Stephan Koplowitz’s was a faculty member and dean of the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts for ten years (2006-2016). In addition, he has been a guest artist in institutions of higher education for 30 years. His course work is inspired by his own background in dance, music, visual art, media and theater.

Stephan Koplowitz taught K-12 for 23 years at the Packer Collegiate Institute, in Brooklyn Heights, NY. As an artist, he has created works for middle and high school students that have been presented professional in venues throughout the US. In addition, he taught K-12 pedagogy at the Bates Dance Festival for several years and at CalArts.

Given Stephan Koplowitz’s wide range of interests and experiences in the above areas, he is prepared to consult on a variety of topics and help institutions, teams, companies and individuals solve problems touching on creative, production, administrative, educational and multi-arts issues and concerns.

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