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Stephan Koplowitz: Red Line Time is a time/space durational site-specific performance event. It was one of the first performance works sanctioned by the LA Metro to take place inside the metro system. Commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles as part of the cultural program supporting the  conference on urbanism and modernism Re: Street The new science of streets and the form of the Future City, Stephan Koplowitz: Red Line Time  spanned all 14 stations of the LACMTA’s Red Line, (beginning at Union Station and continuing on to North Hollywood).


Through an ensemble of eight performers, Stephan Koplowitz: Red Line Time utilized the diverse spaces at each individual station along the LACMTA Red Line to create a durational, and long distance performance that is in synch with the Metro Red Line itself in both space and time. At its heart, it is a rigorous site-adaptive work that takes a five minute choreographic work and with each site (metro station), is adapted and changed by its frame and unique architecture. As a durationaly work,  it follows the Metro Red Line trains’ scheduleand was performed above ground at the metro entrance level, and underground at various stations’ mezzanine level ticketing plazas.


The entire event is designed to match the ebb and flow of the commuting public, and to take place within the strict schedule of the trains. In doing so, Stephan Koplowitz: Red Line Timetransforms the Metro Red Line into a long distance performative space and invites the public to discover and re-discover a vital transportation artery of Los Angeles.



Commissioned by the Goethe-Institut


"Dance That Offers a Unique Perspective"

- LA Times

"Dancing on discovery trip through Los Angeles"

- Deutschlandradio Kultur

"Koplowitz driven underground with 'Red Line Time'"


ALL PERFORMANCE VIDEOS- click on the icon in the upper left corner to view all fourteen sites
Photo GALLERY   All photos by Scott Groller and Stephan Koplowitz
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