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Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz

Original Music, lyrics and songs by Robert Clarida

Lighting Design by Philip Sandstrom

Costumes by Judy Wirkula

At Dance Theater Workshop: Performed by Jeff Bliss, Michael Davis, Maiya Greaves, Martha Hirschman and Kathryn Tufano

At the American Dance Festival: Michael Davis, Maiya Greaves, Martha Hirschman, David Parker and Kathryn Tufano


At Dance Place & Wesleyan University: Jeff Bliss, Michael Davis, Martha Hisrchman, Sarah Stead and Karen Stokes

The Adquate Heart


Originally commissioned by the American Dance Festival (Young Choreographers and Composers in Residence program)

The work was performed at the following venues:

The American Dance Festival, Reynolds Theater, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, July 2, 3, 1989 

Dance Theater Workshop 1989, Dance Place, Washington DC 1990. Wesleyan University, 1990.



The Adequate Heart’ has both drama and playfulness,... humor, imagination and pizzazz. Together choreographer Stephan Koplowitz and Robert Clarida have blended music, songs, lyrics, and movement into a seamless, upbeat, modern-world whole.”

                                    ----Elizabeth Lee, The Durham Sun, 7/3/89

In The Adequate Heart, “the snaky, show-offy movement and, especially, Koplowitz and Robert Clarida’s pulsing score proved absolutely mesmerizing.”

                                    ---Pamela Sommers, The Washington Post, 10/13/90

GALLERY- The Adequate Heart- photos by Tom Brazil
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