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Excerpts from Terratrium- 11"

Conceived and Directed by: Stephan Koplowitz

Choreography by: Stephan Koplowitz in collaboration with the performers

Music composed by: Robert Een

Lighting Design: David Covey

Costume Design: Melody Eggen

Assistant Director/Rehearsal Director: Luc Vanier

Assistant Rehearsal Director (Finale): Sarah Weiss




WATER (Left Fountain) Kimberly Childs, Allison Lorenzen, Pearl Marasigan, Megan Zander


WATER (Right Fountain): Britney Branch, Stacy Martorana, Sara Nies, Jennifer Pike, Kathleen Raney


TIME (Landings/Balconies): Emily Booth, Bethany Brown, Emil Kahn, Rachel Morrison, Jessamyn Schmidt, Meghann Wilkinson, Sarah Winkler, Hilary Preston, Jessica Ray


SUN (2nd Floor): Ruriko Aoyama, Oceane McCord, Luke Wiley, Dana Reed


AIR (3rd Level): Kelly Day, Sarah Drake, Kimberly Hamlin, Jamie O'Berry, Getchen Weber, Jeramy Zimmerman


GENESIS (4th Level): Sarah Weiss, Beau Hancock, Tennille Lambert


Singers: Marcela Ahuja, Emily Braun, Neil Ellingson, Sarah Ferguson, Hope Hoffman, Claire Hogan, Wednesday Lampinen, Emily Little, Zahra Lohr, Elizabeth Longphre, Sasha Rubel, Nancy Salmon, Julia Vessey, Sheenru Yong,  Kimberly  Young, Pen, Sara Robledo Musicians: Robert Een, Jesse Manno, Carl Landa


Commissioned by the Bates Dance Festival

TERRATRIUM, inspired by the architecture and interior design of the Perry Atrium Bates College was the culmination of three weeks of work with two classes at Bates. 


The piece was presented in two parts:

Part One took place in six different locations on four levels of the Perry Atrium. Audience members were free to explore the space and sample the different site specific works. (Length of time 30 minutes).

Part Two took place in the windows of the atrium. Audience members were asked to exit the building and view the work from outside the building.


"Site-specific Atrium Project links humanity, nature"

GALLERY of Rehearsal Photos
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