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New site-specific creation premieres in California at The Wooden Floor

My new production, Passage/Home, A Site-Specific Exploration of Place, has been in process for the past two years and has taken a journey through this past year of covid protocols and uncertainty in the performing arts.

After much planning and preparation, we started in person rehearsals in March, 2021 and will premiere the work for on site on July 15, 2021. The work consists of nine choreographed works and fourteen films, performed by 79 students from The Wooden Floor.

For more information on the production and The Wooden Floor:

The collaborative team for this production:

Performance Direction, Conception, and Choreography: Stephan Koplowitz

Choreography co-created in collaboration with The Wooden Floor Dancers

Production Manager: Falon Baltzell

Music Composition: Robert Allaire

Costume Design: Jennifer Vaughn

Assistant Costume Designer: Lisa Kowalewski

Lighting Design/Technical Director: Bill Avzaradel

Assistant Technical Director: Mike Salvino

Video Installations Direction and Conception: Stephan Koplowitz

Videography and Editing: Nicolas Savignano

Rehearsal Director: Jennifer Bassage Bonfil

Rehearsal Assistants: Dante Casarin, Rocio Cruz, Jonathan Kim, Madeline Linbeck, Jocelyn Magana, Daniel Miramontes, Andrea Ordaz, Kenneth Walker, and Brian Wood

Costume and Makeup Supervisor: Jennifer Bassage Bonfil

Costume Assistant: Teresa Farias

Performance Video Documentation: Nicolas Savignano and Rafael Hernandez

Performance Photo Documentation: George Simian

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