Dance Camera West Performance (2016)



Learn, Capture, Repeat is an audience participation media event that invites everyone to participate in the creation of a dance/music video almost instantaneously. Participants are asked to learn and repeat a 3

second (four count) movement phrase that is recorded, edited, processed and almost immediately projected onto a screen or monitor for all to see. As more and more of these phrases are captured, different digital effects begin to permeate the live editing of the accumulating dances creating a fun, digitally enhanced animated experience that is literally “crowd sourced” by the audience.

Learn, Capture, Repeat has flexibility in terms of content:


  • Coupled with a green screen (in order to insert any kind of background or logo) behind the performers.

  • Connected to a musical score of any kind (from pop to contemporary to experimental)

  • Feature more than one performer at a time, alternate between solos, duets and groups of people.

Learn, Capture, Repeat has flexibility in terms of context:


  • Learn, Capture, Repeat can be produced for a specific population of people as a “portrait” of company, a class of students of any age, any kind of team (corporate, sports, etc), an ensemble, a family, a small town or village, a neighborhood, a book club, Rotary Club, alumni reunion.

  • Projected in Times Square (any popular public space) with participants being captured outside in a closed off area or a tent. It could be done as part of a festival, in a gallery, before a specific concert, lecture, meeting, etc...The possibilities are endless.

OSU Performance (2014)