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Excerpts from (In)Formations - 7min  video: Charles Dennis

Conceived and Directed by Stephan Koplowitz

Choreography by Stephan Koplowitz in collaboration with the Core Company

Score created/composerd by Quentin Chiappetta

Lighting Design by Tony Giovannetti

Costume Design by Christianne Myers

Sound Installation by Quentin Chiappetta

Digital images/video installation by Charles Dennis

Project/Production Manager: Andrew E. Wagner

Rehearsal Director: Sara Joel

Core_Company: Rebecca Alson-Milkman, Anna Brown, Melissa Caywood, Stephanie Dixon, Mariangela Lopez, Lisa J. Wright

Performers: Erika Bloom, Kara Capers, Chloe Crosson, Jessica Desmond, Lenore Eggleston, Caron  Eule, David Fernandez, Christie Freeman, Yuu Fujita, Karin Hamamoto, Daman Harun , Heidi Kinney, Melissa A. Lopata, Ofelia Loret de Mola, Nicki Marshall, Lon McAli ter, Emily Morgan, Noriko Nagamoto, Gretchen Palla, Oneika Phillips, Paige Powers, Julie Rose, Amanda Rouse, Jessica Sehested, Amber Sloan, Amber Smith, Tori Sparks, Yoko Sugimoto, Caitlin Trainor, Allison Vinal, Ivanna Wei, Alexa Weir, Rebecca Woods, Yuan Ling Yu; understudy: Iris Semmelrock.


A site-specific Performance/Installation

(October 8,9, 2001)

Commissioned by the New York Public Library for the re-opening of the NYP Library for the Performings Arts,

Jacqueline Z. Davis, Executive Director




For the re-opening of the Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, Stephan Koplowitz created (In) Formations, a two-part performance/installation that reflects the great treasures of the Library for the Performing Arts and its importance to the performing arts world.  Forty dancers performed on Lincoln Center Plaza in front of the Library and along the wall of the Metropolitan Opera and on threefloors inside the Library for the Performing Arts.   An original score by Quentin Chiappetta incorporated music and sound selections from the Library collections and fragments of interviews with Library staff.  Original costumes by Christianne Myers referenced the Library building and collections and longtime Koplowitz collaborator Tony Giovannetti was the lighting designer.  The 15 minute work was performed several times during each evening.


"Mr. Koplowitz made ingenious use of the space outside the library and the enormous windowed facade of its entrance."

Photo GALLERY -(In)Formations
photos by Stephan Koplowitz

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