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Untitled (Ethiopia Suite)

Commissioned as part of “Brooklyn Dances to Brooklyn Music” curated by Burl Hash at Celebrate Brooklyn, April 27, 28, 1986. Performed at the Prospect Park Picnic House, Brooklyn, New York.


Special Thanks to Burl Hash,  Elizabeth Reese, Elise Bernhardt and The Packer Collegiate Institute

Notes on the production...

Untitled (Ethiopia Suite) was my first commission in New York City and came about when Burl Hash saw my work, I'm Growing at the Prospect Bandshell in 1985.

I discovered that inside the space at the Prospect Park Picnic House, there was a wall that pulled out of one of the walls (the space is used for receptions and other events). The wall inspired the creation of a 16 ft x 32 ft composite image (using xerox images) that was used as the backdrop for this multi-generational work. 

Burl Hash paired me with award winning composer Stafford James and I choreographed the work to his score, Ethiopia Suite.



Choreographed and Visual Art by Stephan Koplowitz

 Original Score by Stafford James


Dancers:  Barry Oreck, Jessica Nicoll, Valerie Gutwirth, Reinaldo DePalmer, Jamie Alex, Corey McBeth, Troy Small, Lindsey Shuford, Victor Lam and Hilary Green,


Musicians featured on the recording: Mineko Yajima (violin), Susan Shumway (violin), Jennie Hansen (viola), Lutz Rath (cello), Victor Lewis (drums), Guillerme Franco (percussion), Buster Williams (bass) & Stafford James (bass)

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