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Dirty Old Man


Dirty Old Man premiered in 1995 and this performance is from 1996 at the Bessie Schonberg Theater at Dance Theater Workshop, New York City.

This 1995 work culminates a long term collaboration with Stuart Hodes that started in 1988 with There Were Three Men and then with Thicker Than Water in 1993. 

This work was first seen as a solo for Stuart Hodes and it expanded into a duet with Sara Hook. 


Dirty Old Man

Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz

Collaborators/Performers: Stuart Hodes and Sara Hook

Text by Stuart Hodes and Stephan Koplowitz

Lighting by Phil Sandstrom

Music by J.S. Bach


“The... piece...about which I have... only a memory of pure pleasure was a collaboration with the two people who performed it: the 71-year-old Stuart Hodes, a Graham alum, and, as Hodes’ foil, Sara Hook.... Called Dirty Old Man, the duet gives us Hodes as a dapper fellow in a vanilla-hued suit and accessories, maintaining his equanimity in the face of approaching extinction.... His muse...treats Hodes with the spunky defiance women accord to the virile and deny the decrepit.”    

                        -- Tobi Tobias, New York, 5/6/96

“Stuart Hodes is the eponymous hero of Dirty Old Man, a bemused senior recalling old songs, long-expired TV shows, and stale excuses, but most often his sex life.”

            --Robert Johnson, The Village Voice, 5/7/96

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