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Photographic and  Other Media Works 

I have had an interest and obsession with photography and photographic technology since high school. My senior Honos Thesis at Wesleyan University (1979) was titled: Music and Visual Media Arts which begain my keen interest in fusing an embodied approach to different visual mediums.  Beginning in the early 1980's, I began experimenting with alternative imaging methods, from photobooth machines, xerox copiers and video which culminated in an early one person exhibition of images at the then Dance theater Workshop Gallery.

Selected Films Directed by Stephan Koplowitz

CATCHING THE 5:23 (2002)

Premiered at The Hamptons International Film Festival

Catching the 5:23 on set photos ©Stephan Koplowitz 

Catching the Game (2003)

Catching the Game on set photos ©Mark Blackshear

Chinatown: Watermark (2010)

Chinatown Watermark film stills

Mill Town Memories (2014)

Mill Town Memories film stills

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