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Big Thirst (concert version) 1989 Premiere

Dance Theater Workshop The Fall Events

Conception, Choreography, Direction: Stephan Koplowitz (in collaboration) Songs, Lyrics, Chants: Andrew Warshaw

Additional Text by Stephan Koplowitz

Lighting Design: Phil Sandstrom

Costumes: Judy Wirkula

Performed by Jeff Bliss, Suzanne Comastro, Diane Esper, Maiya Greaves, David Guion, Kathleen Hill, Mark Honaker, Rachel List David Parker, Benjamin Salazar, Catherine Sands, Paul Zimmerman

Excutive Producer: David R. White

Videographer: Dennis Diamond recorded December 6, 1989

Big Thirst

Concert Stage Version (1989 and 1995)

This version of Big Thirst began as part of a site-specific work created for the Whale Room of the American Museum of Natural History, NYC.  



"In the ambitious Big Thirst, created with Andrew Warshaw, a chorus of 12 men and women, ranged on bleachers, take us through the growing-up process from raucous kindergarten to raucously driven consumers and young professionals."

                              Jennifer Dunning- New York Times- December 6, 1989

Big Thirst- Photos by Tom Brazil - DTW-1989

This is a performance of Big Thirst at Dance Theater Workshop, in spring, 1995.

It is a new version of the proscenium version first seen in the fall of 1989 at Dance Theater Workshop, hence the V. 3 in the title)

Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz

Music, Lyrics and Text by Andrew Warshaw

Additional Text by Stephan Koplowitz

Performed by Rachel List, Jonathan Alger, Christopher Caines, Hope Clark, Wilfred Flores, Mary Beth Gillam, Tiffiny Gulla, Ted Johnson, Barbara Kelley, Michael Leleux, Jule Ramirez, Francine Sheffield

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