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Documentation-11 minute Highlights of 30 minute work

Produced, Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz

Co-Produced by Carol Anderson

Lighting Design by Tony Giovannetti

Sound Design by Richard Sirois

Costumes provided by Speedo

Rehearsal Assistant: Savannah Ashour

Video Produced, Directed and Edited by Alex Rappaport

Master of Ceremonies: Bill Evans


Featured Olympians

Olympic Swimmers: Rowdy Gaines and Cristina Teuscher

Olympic Divers: Kent Ferguson and Mary Ellen Clark

Synchronized Swimmers: Kristina Lum and Bill May




Dance Captains: Wendy Blum, Stephanie Rae Dixon, Sara Joel, Amber Smith, Eva Silverstein


With:  Kimberly Baker, Kim Cadden, Donna Costello, Lenore Eggleston, Kathaleen Gibson, Essence Harris, Daniela Hoff, Jelena Ivanovic, Heidi Kinney, Petra Martin, Saeko Miyake, Antje Pfundtner, Jule J. Ramirez, Jennie Sussman, Lisa J. Wright



AQUACADE FOR ASPHALT GREEN was commissioned by Asphalt Green as part of their annual AquaShow, a benefit event support Asphalt Green’s Waterproofing program, a partnership with New York City Public Schools that since 1993 has taught thousands of underprivileged children to swim for free.

The event featured U.S Olympic triple-gold medalist Rowdy Gaines, Olympic divers Kent Ferguson and Mary Ellen Clark, synchronized swimmers Bill May and Kristina Lum, 90 teen swimmers from Asphalt Green and 20 professional dancers.

Asphalt Green’s Aqua Center is located at 1750 York

Avenue (located at the corner of East 91st Street, NYC)

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